This menu may change without notice. Please ask your server for the current specials menu.



                                                     Caprese Salad                             $13.50                    Spaghetti a Mezzanottee                                       $20.00

                                                                                                                                                             (with bread crumbs)


                                                     Penne Alla Boscaiola                   $24.00                    Pollo Alla Cacciatora                                             $26.00

                                                       with Mushrooms an onions                                                           (chicken hunter stew/mushrooms


                                                     Spaghetto Allo Scogio                 $26.00                     Farfalla w/mushrooms                                          $18.00

                                                        with shellfish                                                                                     Bowtie pasta


                                              Shrimp pappardelle                     $27.00                      Spaghetti with clams                                            $24.00

                                                        Egg noodles with mushroom    


                                                        Tubetti Pasta                                $24.00                           Gnocchi Alla Romana                                             $22.00

                                                          with shrimp and beans                                                            Mozzarella with tomato sauce


                                                  Lobster Ravioli                           $27.00                          Farfalla Mari Monti                                           $28.00

                                                         with clam sauce                                                                  Bowtie pasta/mushroom/shrimp


                                                    Cheese Tortellini                        $24.00                     Pappardelle with Salmon                                    $28.00

                                                           with meat Ragu                                                             Egg noodle pasta


                                                     Beef or Cheese Ravioli                $24.00                  Pasta Fagioli Tonno e cipollotti                           $24..00

                                                            with pink sauce                                                            Tubetti pasta with tuna and beans


                                                           Zuppa Del Giorno                                                     Mushroom Ravioli                                              $28.00

                                                           Soup of the Day                                                       w/tomato, garlic, exotic mushrooms


                                                                                                  DEPENDS ON AVAILABILITY